• Marla’s Minute: How Jamaicans Enjoy the Beach

    ACE enjoyed a wonderful spring break with our volunteers. We so appreciate individuals taking time out of their lives in the U.S. to give back to Jamaica.  As much fun as we have with teams, it is a lot of work, so two weeks ago on a Friday, we surprised our National ACE staff with […]
  • Ever been Caving? (It’s Kinda Scary!)

    I have to say, caving and being “captured” in restricted quarters has never been on my bucket list to do. In fact, when I was in my 20’s , I went rock climbing in Colorado with a group of friends. We went to this great place called Red Rock. I was about 20 pounds lighter […]
  • Who does Field Trips anymore?  ACE Does!

    Not only do the sponsored students get field trips with ACE each year, but we take the entire grade with us — and this season was no different. Students in primary schools study local community and government just like in the states. Remember when you were young and went on a field trip to the […]
  • Marla Minute – The Purpose of Child Sponsorship

    Reading Annetta’s article about her sponsored child brought a big smile to my face. Her feelings and attitude are very natural for all of us who commit to long-term investments in our lives. Sometimes, we feel like it really is a good thing but not that big of a deal until we refresh ourselves by […]
  • A note from Annetta, Stateside Logistics Coordinator

    I remember decades ago, watching a famous actress’ late-night commercial repeating, “For the cost of one cup of coffee a day, you can help a child in need.” It all sounded nice, and I was glad there were people participating in these programs. It was a distant good deed, something felt in one’s checkbook but […]
  • Honey, Honey, How Sweet It Is!!

    That’s right, Green Life Farms is producing honey! If you have ever visited the ACE Campus, you may remember the security building on the left as you drive into the yard. It’s no longer a security building – it’s the new Honey Hut for Galina Bees Honey.  Thanks to our Bee Master Patrick Haywood and […]
  • Winter Has Reaped Rewards

    While it is now officially spring, ACE had an incredible winter season in Jamaica. Our 10th annual Men and Women’s Conference turned out to be a huge success, even with many changes taking place. For ten years, God has provided ACE with wonderful teachers, musicians, and volunteers to set the stage for our three-night conference, […]
  • ACE adds Super Student Status!

    For many years now, ACE has focused on helping our students and their families push through the barrier and challenges of living in poverty to achieve a higher level of education through the child sponsorship program. ACE is now on its 10th year of sponsoring St. Mary children. We thought we would give you some […]
  • Can we can? You bet we can!

    Our famous experienced canners returned to Jamaica again this winter to see how our mothers and staff were doing in canning food since last year. All of our canners from the States were pleasantly surprised to find not only was canning going well, but our ladies had branched out into making preserves. As the week […]
  • Kal moves into his home!!

    Some of you may remember ACE building Kal a home in the Galina area a few years ago. During that time, one of his peers who was working with ACE then, Lecepth, ran into some challenging problems where he, his wife and two children were living. Lecepth asked if he could rent the house ACE […]