• Marla’s Minute: The Old Men’s Club

    I know that we are not supposed to have favorites when it comes to family members, but really and truly, I think that is just a myth someone made up. We all have certain people we just like or love a little more. And I guess I’m no exception. I enjoy going to the infirmary alone […]
  • Before and After

    Next time you go to the dentist, take note of the pictures that surround you in the waiting room. Last time I went, I got to watch a rotation of people with crooked, chipped, and missing teeth smile into a camera with the bottom header saying  “Before”. Then the next clip showed a picture of […]
  • What do these two Jamaicans have in common?

    What do these two Jamaicans have in common? Well, yes, they are Jamaican-born, and, yes, they live in St. Mary, but the greatest fact they have in common is a desire to see clearly. That’s right, Rasta (as they call him) checked himself into the St. Mary Infirmary a year ago. Due to an accident […]
  • We are on U.S. Soil and coming your way!

    That’s right – the Jamaicans have arrived!  Did you know that 95% of ACE employees are Jamaican Nationals? That is why we believe the success of ACE is a reality: we train, equip, and give ownership in leadership to those we serve. To celebrate ACE’s 30th anniversary and the achievements of our wonderful staff, we […]
  • Marla’s Minute: Second Story Summer School (A Big First)

    When Amanda, one of our newest board members, rolled on the ACE board this year to serve, the first thing she and her husband, Digger, requested to do was to provide Summer School for our Second Story students in the Child Sponsorship Program. I have never seen our students so excited as I did this […]
  • Edge Hill gets a new Stove….

    Special needs schools are rare in Jamaica. However, in St. Mary, there is a special needs school near the ACE campus. It’s called Edge Hill, and ACE has had a student in our Child Sponsorship Program attending school there for two years. Just the other day, we learned that the school was in need of […]
  • iQuest 2.0

    The interns this year were fantastic! Of course, I say that every year as God chooses these young adults to spend 75 days with ACE in Jamaica. This year was no different. We had a returning intern, Tahj, who worked as our Inventory Coordinator and Trainer for this year’s team. Anthony, our 16-year-old sponsored student […]
  • From Bean to Bar

    By now you should know that ACE is always looking for ways to get people working in Jamaica, especially in sustainable jobs. Jamaica has many natural treasures that are grown and produced on this island. It just so happens that St. Mary, our parish, produces some of the best chocolate in the world — that’s […]
  • Marla’s Minute: Tahj’s Story

    ACE has been sponsoring students for almost eight years now. We started with a few kids in the neighborhood that really needed help with food, clothing, books, taxi and shoes. Speeding forward, we now have close to 250 elementary and kindergarten students coming out of our communities of Hampstead, Galina, Water Valley, Mason Hall, and Heywood […]
  • With the iQuest Team comes Talent

    Next time you come down to ACE, you’ll find a bit more color around our little part of Jamaica! To start with, we have had people from all over Mason Hall associated with the Clinic stopping us in town to say thank you for the “most beautiful” sign! Then, there is the incredible wall mural […]