• Green Life Farms is Popping with Pineapples!

    Well, they may not be pineapples yet, but we’ve put over 300 suckers in the ground that will produce a very sweet and juicy pineapple crop next year. Since drought seems to be a common thing these days, we are learning the art of raising these wonderful fruits. With the help of our volunteers, we […]
  • A New Chapter for Amber

    It was an incredible blessing that many of our ACE family were able to celebrate with Amber as she got married this month!  We are so excited for Amber, Brinson, Cameron and Sammie beginning this next season of their lives.  We’d like to share this letter that Amber left with us on her last day.  […]
  • They Arrived – Excited and Wide Eyed

    We are proud to introduce our 2018 iQuest team!  They arrived – excited and wide eyed – on May 23rd prepared for an incredible summer serving with ACE.  When you arrive this summer, you will have the pleasure of meeting Anna, Ben, Carley, Olivia, Roger, and Ryan.  Of course, you may already know Anthony, our […]
  • Marla’s Minute- Big Up 30!

    With this year being ACE’s big 30th birthday, we decided to have you share in some very special “firsts” throughout this season. We’ve aptly given this year the name “BIG UP 30”. BIG UP is a term Jamaicans use to show respect to someone or something and admiration for accomplishment. Just ACE being in Jamaica […]
  • Lorna’s Home is Going UP    

    This month, we are so proud to say that because of all of you, Lorna’s new home is being built by, frankly, all of us!  With the help of the cement mixer, Bullah, Akeel, Yomo, Lorna, and a host of her family and friends all worked hard on getting the footings poured in between rain […]
  • A Different Season for Katie Guy

    Just when you think you know how summer is going to flow, something changes and a new season blows in for Katie. This is what happened a few weeks ago when Katie was returning from a brief visit to the States. Katie starts a new season in the U.S. She is still helping ACE stateside […]
  • It’s your Serve!!!

    ACE sponsored the high school boys’ volleyball team at Oracabessa High School last year. Following a close win for first place, Mr. Moncrieffe, our PE/Education teacher for ACE, introduced volleyball to our primary schools with the hope that some will be promoted to a higher level of competition when moving to secondary education. Just learning […]
  • Miracles Still Happen!!

    Through the great generosity of a dentist in Augusta, Georgia, ACE Wellness Center now has its own two dental units. If you have ever been serving as part of our specialty teams within our ACE family, you will know that for years, we have had our dentists using cardboard and regular chairs to see and […]
  • Marla’s Minute: Betty’s Back in Jamaica!

    I don’t know about you, but when my family comes to visit, whether in Atlanta or in Jamaica, I love it. We get to catch up, laugh about new and old stories, and share the love and joy of togetherness that we sometimes forget when family members are miles away. That love never changes, even […]
  • Update on the Honey Venture – We Have Honey!

    This week, the ACE Honey Micro-Enterprise Business reaped its first batch of honey! Thanks to our bee masters from Ringgold, Georgia, and Port Maria, Jamaica, Anthony – our first bee keeper with ACE – reaped his first batch of honey. What a sweet moment! Everyone present watched from afar as the two bee keepers went […]