• Healthcare/ Wellness

    Last week, ACE was asked to attend an award ceremony in Kingston hosted by the Local Government for the Poor. ACE received the award for all of St. Mary for our consistent commitment and service to the people of St. Mary Infirmary. This was such a surprise, since we don’t think of it as serving […]
  • Education

    From the beginning three decades ago, ACE has been heavily involved in the educational process of our sponsored and unsponsored children. Currently, ACE sponsors 250 students in St. Mary.  Their needs are great: food, taxi, clothing, tutoring, medical/dental needs, counseling, safe places to live. All this takes lots of people and resources. Without your support […]
  • Spiritual Discipleship

    Did you know that every person who desires prayer with ACE in our clinics gets a phone call the next week and a personal visit from our staff – 100% of the time? Many didn’t know this until a former patient came into the wellness center a few months ago and said, “Thank you for […]
  • Micro-Enterprise

    We’ve had a great year for our Micro-Enterprise businesses! GB Jerk continues to be a winner. People drive from Ochi to taste our Jerk and locals always flood the ice-cream side on Sunday afternoons. Did we mention GB Jerk sauce is in big demand from the locals? Thanks to Ms. Shirley and MacGyver, it is […]
  • The Eyes Have it!

    We’ve got a great update for you regarding Mr. Byrd and Ashley’s sight challenges. ACE took Mr. Byrd and Ashley to a private specialist in Kingston to find out what we could do to help them see better. Mr. Byrd was diagnosed with glaucoma. With him being in his 80’s, most of his sight cannot […]
  • A Jamaican Thanksgiving

    Most Americans never think about the fact that Thanksgiving is not a holiday celebrated in Jamaica. In fact, it’s only been the past few years that the local restaurants advertise a special meal to tourists for this day. ACE was fortunate enough to participate in what we would call a real Thanksgiving event just days […]
  • A note from Dawn Wheeler, Child Sponsorship Coordinator

    Dear ACE Family; I am writing to let you know that, for a period of time, I will be stepping away from my position as ACE Stateside Child Sponsorship Coordinator.  This is necessary due to some health issues that I am currently dealing with.  If you think of me, I would appreciate your prayers. The […]
  • A Special Wellness Program comes to Jamaica

    Most of you know about the wellness side of ACE. It’s one of the four impact areas of ACE where we focus on physical wellness in our communities. This month was extra special as we had some old friends of ACE return with Buckie the Tooth Giraffe. They performed fluoride treatments in our primary schools […]
  • Big Up 30 returns Home!

    If you were around to say hello to our Jamaicans who came to the U.S.A. last month, then you will know what a wonderful time we all had those 10 days. Allen drove us from Atlanta, Sugar Hill, Knoxville, Dayton, Cincinnati, Ringgold, and back to Atlanta in a white “church bus”. It was so much […]
  • The Transitioning of a Foundational Block of ACE

    Missions have a way of changing all of us – including me. Back in the beginning, my church at the time, North Avenue Presbyterian, served a major role in getting me on the field in Jamaica. This church understands the significance of recruiting people to take a mission trip and make a difference while serving […]