• Marla’s Minute: Betty’s Back in Jamaica!

    I don’t know about you, but when my family comes to visit, whether in Atlanta or in Jamaica, I love it. We get to catch up, laugh about new and old stories, and share the love and joy of togetherness that we sometimes forget when family members are miles away. That love never changes, even […]
  • Update on the Honey Venture – We Have Honey!

    This week, the ACE Honey Micro-Enterprise Business reaped its first batch of honey! Thanks to our bee masters from Ringgold, Georgia, and Port Maria, Jamaica, Anthony – our first bee keeper with ACE – reaped his first batch of honey. What a sweet moment! Everyone present watched from afar as the two bee keepers went […]
  • G.B. Bars

    Everyone loves chocolate, including us folks in Jamaica. A quick fact – did you know that chocolate first originated in the Caribbean? And that the cocoa tree only grows 20 degrees north and south of the equator?  We didn’t know this until a friend of ACE, Bruce, started teaching us all about chocolate and its […]
  • Naniki Naturals

    If you are an adult team volunteering at ACE, chances are you’ve experienced Rina’s Naniki Naturals products and learned how to make soap and insect repellant. Rina is a single woman who has many talents, talents that have enabled her to get her now-adult children through school and living well with their families. While Rina […]
  • Making a Way– through Business

    As most of you may know, ACE is very much involved in the Micro-Enterprise business in Jamaica. The program came out of meeting parents and caretakers of our sponsored children who were willing to work but didn’t really have a plan or practical skills. Many years ago, ACE thought the best way to help would be […]
  • Marla’s Minute: Calling all Dog Lovers

    Those who know me know that I’m a diehard animal lover. We spend most of our time helping children and their families survive, but what about God’s little creatures we see roaming around the bush searching for food? We pick these pups and defeated animals up all over the place, then bring them home to […]
  • Lorna needs a house… and Quick!!!

    The end of 2017 became a record breaker in Jamaica for rainfall. We had more rain in two months than the total amount of three hurricanes, our weather channel said. Most of us were feeling it with the mildew smell on our clothes, but never did we experience what Lorna, our ACE Coordinator, experienced one […]
  • Did you know that the James Bond books were written in Jamaica?

    All of Ian Fleming’s James Bond books were created right here in Jamaica (only one was written in Barbados), and there are many nods to Mr. Fleming around this area. In fact, this month’s mind stimulation trip with our Infirmary residents was at James Bond Beach. This is a small quaint beach near Galina Breeze […]
  • It only gets better!

    This year marked our 8th Men and Women’s Conference in Jamaica. Thanks to so many dedicated friends and partners, ACE has kept the vision of joining the community and friends together for three exciting nights at the Galina Breeze Hotel. This year the theme was “Stand Up and Stand Out.”  Standing firm in what you […]
  • Food is one of the basics of life

    Who would know more about that than professional canners? With so many of our sponsored families lacking in refrigeration, preserving whole foods is a key ingredient to growth and development in children. Many of our homes simply lack electricity, and when they do have it, it’s “borrowed” from a neighbor. A few years ago, ACE […]