• ACE adds Super Student Status!

    For many years now, ACE has focused on helping our students and their families push through the barrier and challenges of living in poverty to achieve a higher level of education through the child sponsorship program. ACE is now on its 10th year of sponsoring St. Mary children. We thought we would give you some […]
  • Can we can? You bet we can!

    Our famous experienced canners returned to Jamaica again this winter to see how our mothers and staff were doing in canning food since last year. All of our canners from the States were pleasantly surprised to find not only was canning going well, but our ladies had branched out into making preserves. As the week […]
  • Kal moves into his home!!

    Some of you may remember ACE building Kal a home in the Galina area a few years ago. During that time, one of his peers who was working with ACE then, Lecepth, ran into some challenging problems where he, his wife and two children were living. Lecepth asked if he could rent the house ACE […]
  • Marla’s Minute: Time Off for Me and Allen!

    Allen and I did something we have never done before last month. We took a cruise over the Christmas and New Year Holiday. It had been three years since we took some time off to relax and that we did. Everyone seems to have bucket lists, and we checked things off on ours! This was […]
  • One Life Changed Becomes Many Lives Changed

    Royal Ambassadors of Mason Hall was formed by a high school graduate in the United States. Trent, in lieu of a gift for graduating from 12th grade, wanted to send ACE some treasure to impact the boys without fathers that he got to know and spend time with at Mason Hall. Today, because of his […]
  • ACE Adopts a Very Special School….

    For years, we’ve been talking about building our own school. Then our plans changed, as God withheld the property we had hoped would open up for a school, at least for now. Believing God’s timing is far better than ours, we pulled back.  ACE wanted to build a special needs school at one time but […]
  • Healthcare/ Wellness

    Last week, ACE was asked to attend an award ceremony in Kingston hosted by the Local Government for the Poor. ACE received the award for all of St. Mary for our consistent commitment and service to the people of St. Mary Infirmary. This was such a surprise, since we don’t think of it as serving […]
  • Education

    From the beginning three decades ago, ACE has been heavily involved in the educational process of our sponsored and unsponsored children. Currently, ACE sponsors 250 students in St. Mary.  Their needs are great: food, taxi, clothing, tutoring, medical/dental needs, counseling, safe places to live. All this takes lots of people and resources. Without your support […]
  • Spiritual Discipleship

    Did you know that every person who desires prayer with ACE in our clinics gets a phone call the next week and a personal visit from our staff – 100% of the time? Many didn’t know this until a former patient came into the wellness center a few months ago and said, “Thank you for […]
  • The Eyes Have it!

    We’ve got a great update for you regarding Mr. Byrd and Ashley’s sight challenges. ACE took Mr. Byrd and Ashley to a private specialist in Kingston to find out what we could do to help them see better. Mr. Byrd was diagnosed with glaucoma. With him being in his 80’s, most of his sight cannot […]