• Marla’s Minute: What Do You See in the Mirror?

    This month, ACE was the sponsor of a very special conference at Galina Breeze Hotel. Thanks to an organization in the U.S., led by Dr. Clark Miller, “The Man in the Mirror” came to Jamaica to encourage those who attended to seize their true purpose in being a man after God’s heart. The topics included […]
  • Christmas is coming………….

    We all know what this time of year looks like for most of the U.S., but in Jamaica, it’s pretty much the same day in and out. Until the Child Sponsorship parents started thinking about the day in December. A few years ago, ACE began asking the sponsors of our 200+ students to consider sending […]
  • Marla’s Minute: Countries Apart… Same Reality

    Today, both worlds came together in my car. The world of middle class and poverty class. You ask, “Your car?” Yes, let me explain… During the summer, we had our interns shave faces and cut hair for the men and women residents at the Infirmary. It was great, but it was time for more grooming […]
  • ACE Healthcare Happenings

    Changing lives Transforming communities ACE Healthcare is one of the four strategic areas that support the ACE Mission.  We partner with the Ministry of Health and local community heath care workers to provide primary care to St. Mary.  Katie Guy serves as the boots-on-the-ground Healthcare Coordinator, and she helps support the medical and dental teams […]
  • Dancin’ till the stars come out….

    This month is all about our golden friends, the infirmary residents, as we had one of our fall medical teams return to serve with ACE in our St. Mary clinics. Before the official work began, the ACE volunteers were able to enjoy a big Jamaican Holiday called Heroes’ Day (compare this to our U.S. Presidents […]
  • Marla’s Minute: “The Goal is Soul”

    School is now in session in Jamaica. Our tailors who set up their machines in the open air and on street corners have finally gotten a breather.  ACE students look bright and cheery as they walk to school with their new book bags in their school uniforms. With 223 students sponsored by our generous donors, […]
  • You’re Never Too Old!

    … for God’s gifts and His call are irrevocable. Romans 11:29 Every time our Bethel Baptist team returned from a mission trip serving with ACE, I left another part of my heart here in Jamaica.  It was after our 2014 trip that God birthed in me a desire for an extended stay.  During that next […]
  • Meet Arlene and D’Vaun

    Not to be mistaken for a couple, these two individuals are a welcome new addition to the ACE team. We’ve asked Arlene to share about her role with ACE in this newsletter (See Arlene’s article here.) It’s been a fun experience to watch Arlene fulfill many roles living at the Campus. She’s not only housemother […]
  • Pruning Roses

    If any of you love growing roses, you will know that it’s not an easy task. When you purchase the rose plant, it’s most of the time a green stick with a thorn or two sticking out. Over time, the gardener fertilizers it with special fertilizer made just for roses. If all goes well – […]
  • Gone… But Not Forgotten

    Anyone ever get a yearbook at the end of their senior year of high school? You know the ones that have at least one picture of every senior in there doing something wonderful so you have to order the book for memory’s sake? Then, just a few weeks before graduation, you receive the book, and […]