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Gone… But Not Forgotten

Anyone ever get a yearbook at the end of their senior year of high school? You know the ones that have at least one picture of every senior in there doing something wonderful so you have to order the book for memory’s sake? Then, just a few weeks before graduation, you receive the book, and everyone you even slightly like, including teachers, is asked to sign your book.

When you go back to look at what people write, there seems to be this common theme penetrating the pages by your picture:  “Gone, but not forgotten”, “I’ll never forget you” and “It was nice knowing you!”

That’s not exactly how ACE felt this month as we dropped our 2017 iQuest interns off at the airport. Instead, we took it to the next level.  It was something along the lines of “ We already miss you and can’t forget you…and we want to see you back in Jamaica soon!!”

Yes, it’s true: this year’s iQuest Team had to be one of the best group of young adults we’ve had in a long time. In addition, they were joined by two high school students in our 4-S program who had been ACE Child Sponsorship students since fifth grade, and one of Pastor Watson’s young men. Our iQuest 2018 and 4-S program will begin taking applications starting September 1st.  ACE would love to see some of you consider spending the summer with us.   Contact us at office@acexperience.org for more information on how to apply.

Thank you to all the leaders, teachers and trainers who flew down for a week of investment with our student/adults. At the end of the summer, it’s these programs that thrill our hearts and continually remind us of our slogan we’ve had for years: ACE is truly “changing lives and transforming communities”.

If ACE had a summer yearbook to sign, I think it would read more like: “Gone for a season, but back for a lifetime”  Go ACE!!!

A Season of Loss and Change

By: Katie Guy

One thing that I have learned through this season of life is that I don’t have sole control of my life.  A lot has happened since the passing of my mom in April.  There are the usual changes and losses; like one less birthday to celebrate, Mother’s Day having a different meaning and all the other firsts that come with the first year of grieving.

I arrived back to Jamaica several weeks after my mom’s passing and it was refreshing to be back and have work to look forward to.  Pastor Kermit and I had some outreach to catch up on and I needed to prepare for the medical team that was coming in a matter of days! This team was a breath of fresh air.  We were joyful working together and the spirit was really moving through each of us.  They were exactly what I needed in this time of grief.  God always knows what we need!

A couple weeks ago I was sharing with a volunteer that I feel like I’m finally catching my groove and getting to know people in the community and the officials in the government that I coordinate with.  They know me I know them and we are working together towards something.  I was just starting to get comfortable…

Not long after that I received the news that the travel rules for tourists has changed in Jamaica.  When I first moved to Jamaica I had planned to travel as a tourist in 90 day increments.  I would travel back to the states for a couple weeks; do some fundraising if needed, see family and friends and then get back to work for another 90 days.  However that won’t work anymore.  Now I’m only allowed to be in Jamaica for 180 days of the year as a tourist.

What now then?  Well things are going to change for a season of my life.  I’m going to have to apply with the government of Jamaica to find a way to stay for more than 180 days of the year.  Once all the necessary paperwork is turned in I have to wait 4-6 weeks to hear the results.

This past Tuesday, I traveled to Kingston and submitted the necessary documents for my application.  When I return to the states in September, I’m coming for you, yes you!  I’ll be visiting churches and friends all over the country as I meet with those that have been wanting to put a medical trip together and with those that have been bringing teams for years.  I will take this opportunity to pour into those that have given myself and the Jamaican people so much.  Check your inbox because I’m looking forward to seeing you on your home turf.

As soon as I’m cleared to return to Jamaica I’m making my way there and continuing the good work.  You know what they say… That’s just the way I like it!

The Unexpected Friendship…

Many of our regular readers know that Pastor Kermit Jones lost his bride of 58 years last November. It was a shock to all of us as Gloria’s departure was sudden. Since that time, Pastor had struggled with the sudden empty space in his life.

About the same time, Orlando – who has been one of the “outside” children with ACE for 13 years – was hitting a low in his life, looking for direction. If you recall, Orlando was the recipient of a loan for his first cow click here to see the story. While Orlando paid off his loan and now has seven cows, there was an emptiness in his life as he made choices in his lifestyle that seemed to be right choices but isolated him from the friendships that were going a different way.

ACE, seeing the need in both men’s lives, decided to branch out and hire Orlando four days a week to become Pastor Kermit’s driver and assistant. Speeding forward four months, Orlando is now the grandson Pastor Kermit never had and Pastor Kermit, the grandfather Orlando always wanted.

This Saturday, ACE was invited to attend a birthday party for Orlando given by Pastor Kermit. Orlando turned 21. What a party! There was dancing, singing, lots of food, and, of course, big story telling – all in the carport of the house where now Orlando and Pastor Kermit live. Yes, the two are inseparable. Orlando has his own bedroom and cooks for Pastor, while Pastor helps Orlando improve his reading and writing skills. Orlando is a great driver while Pastor Kermit is a great talker… and ACE is so happy to see God taking care of two of our favorite men.

Thank you, partners, for providing this type of investment into the lives of two great men who take care of each other. What goes around comes around, as they say in Jamaica. We will keep you updated as Katie and Pastor Kermit continue to build relationships through the health clinics.

Marla’s Minute: Too Tired to Sleep?

It’s got to be that time of year for ACE. We are in our normal drought period, temperatures are well above the normally humid eighty-four degrees to the mid-nineties, and we all are walking around with very curly and frizzy hair.

Our entire ACE staff smiles as we pass each other and sit silently in the briefings, just enjoying the moments of A/C and quiet. But when it’s “Show Time” (as we call it), I am always delighted to see our Interns, our Senior Staff and Americans jump into gear with all the energy and excitement one can imagine as the bus pulls into the hotel with another group of enthusiastic, eager volunteers! It’s ACE summer!

Allen bought me a Fitbit to keep up with my steps. I’m well over 10k each day. I was so excited until Katie noticed that her Fitbit clicks off miles when she drives on the pothole roads, so maybe it’s a little slanted. Lately, I fall into bed, only to find myself thinking about the entire day, all the projects and conversations. My Fitbit says I’m supposed to sleep at least seven hours a night. I have to admit, I’m falling short each night. I suppose I’m just too tired to sleep…

But, really, it’s a good tired. It means work is getting done and progress is being made. We are enjoying every moment with our teams, and we are so very grateful for all of you! I don’t think we are ready for this summer to be over. We call it the “good bye look”…. but not quite yet.

A word from Beth……..

It is a bittersweet time when I have to say goodbye – or rather “see you later” – to my Jamaican family. At the same time, I leave looking forward to the future and married life. Many of you have watched me grow up over the past few years, from my internship to now. I have embraced the culture of friendship and “no worries”. I have learned to be comfortable in my own skin and enjoy what I am doing. I cannot thank you enough for making this experience what it has been. By partnering with ACE and helping them minister in Jamaica, you have also invested in me through encouragement, friendships and great memories. It is with a heavy heart that I write this, but I know God has a plan for me, and I will forever cherish this time in Jamaica.

Medical Students Bring us One Step Closer

While the medical students from Wright State came to give and learn, our Jamaican community and Galina Breeze Hotel treated these future doctors with much culture and love.  These twelve students from Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine came and served at seven different clinics throughout the parish of St. Mary.

The service didn’t stop at the clinic sites! These students were busy counting pills each evening and helping move our pharmacy over to the Green Life Wellness Center.  They were a huge help!  We are one step closer to the Wellness Center being up and running full time.  We are so grateful that Wright State, under the Direction of Dr. Tom Herchline, has helped the Ministry of Health see and treat many of our rural clinics throughout St. Mary.

The Look of an iQuest Intern

Many of you have already met the 2017 iQuest interns at Galina Breeze this summer. For many decades now, ACE has had a program designed for young adults right out of high school through age 25 to come live and learn about leadership in a hands-on way.

This year however, we were so excited to introduce a new program that blends with the iQuest internship, called the 4S program (Second Story Summer Series). This program consists of our Jamaican National young adults who have come up through the ACE student sponsorship program in our primary schools.

Leadership is such an important tool for individuals to possess going into the world, whether it’s work life, church life, or home life, so ACE wants to equip all of the young Nationals and Americans to face the many challenges of life moving out of school.

For approximately 75 days, we have been fortunate to get to know seven of the most outstanding students in many years. We decided to show you pictures of them in their element. Thank you, Austin, Alvana, Audrey, Hannah, Tajeb, Mallory, and Michael.

Marla’s Minute: Making Moments of Play

Summer is here, and we have started our field trips each week with the infirmary residents to the Galina Breeze Pool for physical therapy. This is always a spectacular day for everyone. I had no idea how cherished it was until recently, when we were painting the outside of the men’s ward at the Centre. Christopher, who some of you may know, asked if he could help. With some hesitation, he was given a paint brush and a little paint.

Before long, several other residents joined him in their request to paint. Soon, we were looking like salt and pepper hitting a massive wall of color. It was hard work but fun as we saw so many of our golden children participating in painting “their” wall. At the end of the day, we were all covered in paint.

That’s when Christopher handed me this simple note, as I was leaving for the hotel: “Thank you for the field trip.” At first, I thought it was the pool therapy he was referring to, but he had not been to the pool yet this year. That’s when I realized that, sometimes, field trips can be right in the yard of the infirmary. It was actually his day of painting on his wall that broke up the monotony of the day, and fresh purpose was created. It made me smile and enjoy the moment of play.

Yes, summer has begun – come play with us at ACE! It brings out the kid in you again and certainly gives all our golden children at the infirmary purpose.

Very Grateful,

Marla and Allen

Mentoring Teachers

This week, Dr. Marie, a Board Member for ACE, gave her time and talent to begin the basic teaching structure for our new school. Everything starts with a vision of what can happen when great minds come together.  These stickies are a picture of what the beginning of needs look like for our new school.  Don’t strain your eyes, as we will be publishing a list of those needs for the school so it will be more readable. Pray that we get the land we have our eye on adjacent to the Campus that ACE desperately needs.

Boots on the ground at the Green Life Farm


If you think farming is just a yard hobby, you haven’t been to the Green Life Farm with ACE. We are amazed at how just a few farmers from our community are able to turn a profit with scotch bonnet peppers. This month, our peppers are popping! So are the parents from child sponsorship programs.

One of our U.S. Volunteers noticed, when he was on the farm last year that our local staff didn’t have boots to work in while farming. Talk about meeting a need! This month, he came packing with boots, after inquiring about sizes. When the staff arrived for work, they were greeted with new boots! Instead of tattered sneakers, they now are ready for the farm — thanks to a volunteer who noticed there was a need and followed through to fill it.

Now what about the rest of us??? I’m a size 9? (smile)